Portfolio construction

We invest only when new opportunities are available. Our initial invest size is limited to 3% of your portfolio, but we may average down the position. Your portfolio will be fully invested after 2 years.

Why not invest all at once?

We aim absolute return; therefore, only investment with the maximum margin of safety will be considered. What will be the point to invest in a company with a higher downside than upside, even if the company is perfectly sound?
Secondly within a 2 year time frame we will smooth market volatility and be able to catch significant miss valuation.

geneva_coinAbsolute return vs market return

We will not be market immune, large market drawdown will affect the pricing of your portfolio, but will offer new investment opportunities. Our absolute return will kick in when our investments will show significant business improvements. We don’t have any control on the timing, but on average and under normal market conditions, he will takes 2 to 4 years to get the expected return. We may keep our investment longer (forever will be perfect) to profit fully of the compounding  overflow.

How can you manage my portfolio?

We invest only with managed account, as you will have a full transparency on each of our transactions. Your custodian should be: •High credit quality •Low fees •Easy trading access