Louis XIV

Louis XIV (King of France on 18th century) implemented the “Pré Carré” military organization, that shaped the current hexagon border of France. The strategy consisted in double ligne of fortress along the borders. We aim to give you the same kind of serenity on your wealth, as we compare our investment  as the fortress of your capital.


Sebastien le Prestre de Vauban has been the master mind of the “Pré Carré” doctrine and built most of the fortress. He was a loyal and clever advisor of Louis XIV in military matters, as well as politics and financials. We seek to provide the same qualitiy of advice to your capital and wealth.

Attack vs Defence

Vauban changed armed conflict practice in Europe, by showing that no fortress are invincible. The strenghts of an entrenched camp is to slowdown attack and be a good platform to conduct new attacks. We strongly belive that none of our investments are risk free. The strenght of our portfolio is on reasonable diversification and capacity to invest in new opportunities, which will further improve the return of your portfolio.