All performance figures mentioned on this website are based on real investments and the cash management is not included in the figures. Client’s initial investment timing may imply some divergence in realized gains. The performances are net of estimated management fees. All dividends, capital gains and distributions are accounted in the performances. Performances are reported in EUR, without any hedge on currency risk. PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS. THE PORTFOLIO INVOLVES RISK AND MAY LOSE MONEY. INVESTOR RETURNS MAY DIFFER. The performances data have been prepared by Pre Carre Patrimoine Sarl and have not been reviewed, compiled or audited by an independent party. The disclose performances are only a broad measure of past performances of Pre Carre Patrimoine Sarl, but are based on real investments and not on simulation. Please read the disclaimer section for more disclosure. You must confirm that you are eligible to invest with Pre Carre Patrimoine Sarl.iagree